Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My 1st post by myself almost...

I am going to put a picture here


YEAH......!  I'm going to put on a 2nd photo.....


Well, after 6 more attempts [and more analgesics...] I made it and put my 2nd photo on my blog.  This is  huge for me.  Thanks to our gal Eileen-again I am grateful to her.  At this moment-I feel NO ONE will be able to stop me....oh, who am I kidding?                                                   

Monday, November 26, 2012

Not a Good Blogger

Well I guess I'm not a very good blogger.  But since 106 anonymous people have read my blog, I now feel obligated to at least say something to my 'new fans.'

I am now in Boise and hoping to pick up some blogging tips and maybe even a few new bead patterns from my friend Eileen.  Love her blog  

So, stay tuned for some photos of jewelry I have created over the years.  And just maybe a few twinges of humor. Maybe. Hopefully.  If all goes well.  I can only hope.

I have a Blog!

I'm being pulled, kicking and screaming, into the blogging world.  But thanks to one of my very best friends in Boise, Idaho - Eileen Barker (who owns the best bead store ever -  called Bead Street), I am now a convert.  Here you will get to see photos of all the wonderful beaded jewelry I make.  I also may even try to actually write something here.  For now,  this is all I could handle.  Ciao!