Sunday, December 4, 2011

Designer Beaded Jewelry

Computers!  Not my first love (or second, third or even fourth).  Will try to post photos of my work as soon as I figure out how to do.  For now, the following are past projects I've created and I have to rely on my techy friends to provide photos,  Thanks!!

The 'Cellini' - my favorite stitch (oh, who are we kidding here)

Embellished peyote band - made and sold a lot of these -
can do special orders in any colors

My freeform peyote days. Used to love this. 
I wonder why I stopped.
Wonder why I ask myself questions when I don't get an answer

Close up of above. Another sold necklace - owner loves this.
She keeps it hung in a favorite spot in her bathroom
where she can see it every day.
Wonder if she wears it. Again, wonder why I talk to myself.

Another Cellini spiral bracelet.
Well, it started as a bracelet but was watching TV
while working on this and made it too long.
Now I guess I have to keep going and turn it into a necklace

A Lentil bracelet - sort of like a 'caterpillar' bracelet
but made with Czech Lentil glass beads.
Have made and sold these in a wide variety of colors.
Also can make these thinner or thicker depending on your taste.

Detail of my Lentil bracelet - one of my favorite colors
because I can wear it with everything


  1. Barb, thanks for sharing your new blog with me...I will bookmark YOU! And we can keep in touch that way...I can see what you are making! These are beautiful and your friends blog in Idaho is STUNNING!!