Saturday, August 3, 2013

Me....a teacher.....?...

I have again started making Spirit Bags.  The first one I made was about 18 years ago and is the second picture on my last post.  The picture does not do it justice and quite a few friends say they feel alot of energy when holding it.  They are containers for sacred objects, such as: pictures, healing stones, lucky fortunes from cookies and  horoscopes (of which I've had some doozies).

A friend saw them and bought one immediately and said can you teach women how to make these?  I have been wanting to "retire" and do something "to fill in the gaps" passes,  gas and BEADS...!

Laurie and Cindy were my students.  They picked the color palette and theme they loved.  Cindy choose fall colors and leaves, Laurie ocean and sea life.  Cindy had done some stringing and was comfortable and got going right away.  Laurie was another story.......she was having a rough time. 

Learning has been hard for me and for most of my life I have struggled.  I'm "outing myself" as a person who can't understand how to follow bead patterns.  There---I said it.  I used to be so frustrated in that process, but I have learned to be easy on myself and to move into a new direction of ease and fun.  Much better for me. 

Now, back to Laurie...I was able to teach her and  the lights came on.  She completed one row of peyote with no mistakes!  HUGE for her. The class ended with the projects unfinished.  However, Cindy would be helping Laurie if needed and I asked them to email the finished bags.  They did and I'm posting them (if I can remember how to add the photos). 

My first time as a beading teacher----I am so grateful to Cindy and Laurie who not only learned from me, but also  taught me a thing or two. My Teachers (you know who you are).  Thank You.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My 1st post by myself almost...

I am going to put a picture here


YEAH......!  I'm going to put on a 2nd photo.....


Well, after 6 more attempts [and more analgesics...] I made it and put my 2nd photo on my blog.  This is  huge for me.  Thanks to our gal Eileen-again I am grateful to her.  At this moment-I feel NO ONE will be able to stop me....oh, who am I kidding?                                                   

Monday, November 26, 2012

Not a Good Blogger

Well I guess I'm not a very good blogger.  But since 106 anonymous people have read my blog, I now feel obligated to at least say something to my 'new fans.'

I am now in Boise and hoping to pick up some blogging tips and maybe even a few new bead patterns from my friend Eileen.  Love her blog  

So, stay tuned for some photos of jewelry I have created over the years.  And just maybe a few twinges of humor. Maybe. Hopefully.  If all goes well.  I can only hope.

I have a Blog!

I'm being pulled, kicking and screaming, into the blogging world.  But thanks to one of my very best friends in Boise, Idaho - Eileen Barker (who owns the best bead store ever -  called Bead Street), I am now a convert.  Here you will get to see photos of all the wonderful beaded jewelry I make.  I also may even try to actually write something here.  For now,  this is all I could handle.  Ciao!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Designer Beaded Jewelry

Computers!  Not my first love (or second, third or even fourth).  Will try to post photos of my work as soon as I figure out how to do.  For now, the following are past projects I've created and I have to rely on my techy friends to provide photos,  Thanks!!

The 'Cellini' - my favorite stitch (oh, who are we kidding here)

Embellished peyote band - made and sold a lot of these -
can do special orders in any colors

My freeform peyote days. Used to love this. 
I wonder why I stopped.
Wonder why I ask myself questions when I don't get an answer

Close up of above. Another sold necklace - owner loves this.
She keeps it hung in a favorite spot in her bathroom
where she can see it every day.
Wonder if she wears it. Again, wonder why I talk to myself.

Another Cellini spiral bracelet.
Well, it started as a bracelet but was watching TV
while working on this and made it too long.
Now I guess I have to keep going and turn it into a necklace

A Lentil bracelet - sort of like a 'caterpillar' bracelet
but made with Czech Lentil glass beads.
Have made and sold these in a wide variety of colors.
Also can make these thinner or thicker depending on your taste.

Detail of my Lentil bracelet - one of my favorite colors
because I can wear it with everything