Saturday, August 3, 2013

Me....a teacher.....?...

I have again started making Spirit Bags.  The first one I made was about 18 years ago and is the second picture on my last post.  The picture does not do it justice and quite a few friends say they feel alot of energy when holding it.  They are containers for sacred objects, such as: pictures, healing stones, lucky fortunes from cookies and  horoscopes (of which I've had some doozies).

A friend saw them and bought one immediately and said can you teach women how to make these?  I have been wanting to "retire" and do something "to fill in the gaps" passes,  gas and BEADS...!

Laurie and Cindy were my students.  They picked the color palette and theme they loved.  Cindy choose fall colors and leaves, Laurie ocean and sea life.  Cindy had done some stringing and was comfortable and got going right away.  Laurie was another story.......she was having a rough time. 

Learning has been hard for me and for most of my life I have struggled.  I'm "outing myself" as a person who can't understand how to follow bead patterns.  There---I said it.  I used to be so frustrated in that process, but I have learned to be easy on myself and to move into a new direction of ease and fun.  Much better for me. 

Now, back to Laurie...I was able to teach her and  the lights came on.  She completed one row of peyote with no mistakes!  HUGE for her. The class ended with the projects unfinished.  However, Cindy would be helping Laurie if needed and I asked them to email the finished bags.  They did and I'm posting them (if I can remember how to add the photos). 

My first time as a beading teacher----I am so grateful to Cindy and Laurie who not only learned from me, but also  taught me a thing or two. My Teachers (you know who you are).  Thank You.

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  1. Barb - You are just so darn cute! I enjoyed seeing you again at Eileen's new locale, and my husband and son both commented on how fun you were to talk with. Hope to see you again in Boise real soon.
    Janet (JDreams)